Sunday, August 7, 2011

Questing in Enedwaith: Part Two

What?!? Three posts in two days? An awesome weekend apparently...

I've decided to continue writing about my adventures through Enedwaith mostly out of convenience. This convenience being that Talmidim the champion is now questing through it. I love this region because it looks amazing,unique, and diverse while the quests are different and far spread out. I haven't really done all of the quests in Enedwaith yet so it still has that fresh zone feeling to me; it's kind of a win-win for me (plus Tal gets a ton of LI XP for his 7 LI's on the go).

After my brief encounter with shadow wolves in the Black Dens (I extinguished all of the torches easily this time!), finding all of the ranger caches in Fordirith, and killing many dunlending deserters I was told by the rangers of Echad Dagoras to make a trip further into Enedwaith... up to the overlook of Echad Saeradan. Saeradan had some tasks that needed doing and some investigations that needed... an investigator. I double dipped the epic quests with the other quests of Echad Saeradan. I gathered wolf pelts and ox meat which was quite easy until I ran into a rare spawn elite warg with 20k morale. I accepted the challenge to slay this warg... it took some kiting, a morale pot, my "Dire Need" heal, and a whole lot of sword swinging. 2 minutes later I emerged victorious with a mithril flake. I think the rush of finding a rare spawn in this game is more rewarding than the loot they drop haha.

I then made my way more northerly and investigated a blockade that was defended by some deserters in an unfortunate situation. Their situation was unfortunate because they soon would feel the sting and cold steel of Tal's blades. I then made my way back down the road on the hills above Echad Saeradan where I made a stop at a group of old ruins to slay some more deserters and pick up some herbs. I then gathered some honey and traveled down into the fields below Echad Saeradan. I soon gathered more herbs and other desired items by the rangers and made my way back with a plethora of pelts, meat, herbs, feathers, and honey for the demanding rangers (who were quite thankful).

As quick as I had arrived at Echad Saeradan it seemed I was finished. Saeradan was pleased with the tasks and investigating I had done for the Grey Company and sent me down into the town of Lhanuch for further quests. I chose to deliver the Dun Ox meat to the herders down in the valley rather than slay more (the other ranger thought this might upset the locals). I made the delivery on my way to Lhanuch and also taking the time to slay a very ridiculously sized boar for the worried herders. A short journey by horseback soon landed me at the gates of Lhanuch. What does this town have in store for Talmidim Elvellon? Only time will tell.

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