Sunday, August 14, 2011

Questing in Enedwaith: Part Three

Talmidim's journeys had brought him to Lhanuch; the Hillmen settlement in Nan Laeglin. I quite enjoy the quests from Lhanuch myself, they tend to be straightforward and simple. Slayer and messenger quests are great! Soon I had picked up all of the quests I could manage, including the epic quest line continuation. Talmidim repaired his armour and weapons and was off once again to brave the wilds of Enedwaith.

Previously, I had found a strange sword at the blockade near Echad Saeradan. It was located in a treasure coffer that the deserters held. Saeradan had told me to deliver the sword to Wadu's family in Lhanuch (I found Wadu slain on the road above Echad Saeradan, he was assumed to be the owner of the sword). The family of Wadu was indeed in Lhanuch. Nona, sister of Wadu , was insistent on finding the causes that resulted in her brother's death while her father, Suvulch, was not to be bothered about the misfortune of his son. Nona thought that answers about Wadu's demise could be found East in the mountains, specifically the dwarf-halls of Zudrugund. I rode my steed swiftly to the mountains avoiding ambushes and attacks of the local hostile Hillmen. After crossing the river and climbing the steep mountain path I arrived at Zudrugund.

At Zudrugund I met a very strange dwarf named Nar. Nar was extremely incoherent and mentally distant from reality. Another dwarf, Frithgeir was also in the dwarf-halls. He was Nar's protector and guardian who told me I must gather some herbs to help Nar in his weird mental state. I took the list of needed herbs and was off down the mountain and in to the valley. I slew many Hillmen taking their herbs off their now dead persons. I also picked some herbs off the shore of a small lake further South. Soon after I took my stockpile of Frithgeir's requests back to Zudrugund.

Discussions with the rangers Corunir and Calengad, Frithgeir, one of the sons of Elrond, Nona, and finally Nar (after drinking Frithgeir's weird concoction) led us to more information about Wadu's exploits but not his demise. It seemed as though he felled a giant Gwiber deep within the mountain. More importantly though, Nar spoke about the journey Elladan and the rangers were taking through Enedwaith and told them about a coming treachery and deceit. He also spoke of the paths of the dead. All of these things were secrets Nar couldn't possibly know.... so how did he? Elladan was quite flustered after this and so I was sent back to Lhanuch to talk to a Ranger who might know more.... Candaith.

On my way back to Lhanuch I completed some of the quests that the Hillmen bestowed upon me. I felled many half-orcs finding on some of them articles that bore the white hand of Saruman. I also scouted some Cartrevs in the area before returning to Lhanuch. It was a productive evening. The epic story of Nar and Frithgeir is extremely interesting to me; so full of mystery and suspense. I look forward to continuing the epic story another day.

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