Sunday, April 17, 2011

Of University and Despair

My gaming area has turned into this! (essay aggro)
My lack of posts can be blamed on the terror known as "paper season" and "finals". I have barely stepped foot in Middle-Earth in the past 2 weeks and therefore have nothing much to blog about. I did recently start a minstrel and got my champion to level 41. I also worked a little bit more on LI stuff on my hunter but nothing overly exciting. I still have not finished Sari-Surma on Tier II and failed to get that nice new bracelet off Cold-Bear 3 times already. University students, study now and play later! Your future is far more important than a video game... May you destroy all essays and tests that stand in your way and leave only destruction in your wake!

Echelor Joysong, Minstrel. Level 20
My new minstrel was an impulse alt all on it's own. Since the minstrel changes dropped with the Echoes of the Dead update and my love for the beginning levels of the game finally caused me to create Echelor Joysong, minstrel. Other causes of this character creation were my desire to use the new tailoring recipes from the ground up and to attempt healing in this game. Since World of Warcraft's Cataclysm came out my roommate got me to play it casually with him. I now have an 85 priest that heals the end-game stuff which is fun from time to time. I've never healed in LOTRO so this was one of the factor's of Echelor's start. So far I've enjoyed the class but have only soloed my way to level 20. At some point I'll head into the Great Barrows and sing joyous songs to lift burdened hearts! One more week and I can play LOTRO regularly again and soon posts will follow! 

Until then, keep your stick on the ice,

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