Friday, April 22, 2011

The New Anniversary Mount

Recently I won the new anniversary mount in one of the flash lotteries. This win was on my dwarf rune-keeper: Nalmer Thunderbeard, level 34. I am a little bit disappointed to win it on this alt mostly because I never really play him anymore. I just leave him at the same level as my roommate's hunter so that if he starts playing again I can jump right on Nalmer and help him out! With that being said, a free mount is a free mount and it's nice to have a horse other than the basic one's you can buy at Hengstacer farm even if it does look a little feminine (heh-heh). So for those who have not seen the newest mount to enter Turbine's Middle-Earth, feast your eyes on Nalmer's pony: Saskatchewan!

(click on images for larger versions)

Keep your stick on the ice,

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