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The Glacier Fortress of Sari-Surma: Part Two

The Short Path to Osan

After defeating Coldbear it is not far to the next boss: Osan. You encounter a grand total of six mobs before arriving in the arena where Osan is just 'chillin. None of these mobs are overly difficult and only require simple tank and spank measures. There are two Fanatics (goblins) and four giants just outside the hallway out of Coldbear's room. With patience you should be able to fight the fanatics separate from the giants causing no grief to the group. The Legionnaires (giants) are in pairs so when you pull them it is good to have someone use a crowd-control skill on one while you burn down the other. Simple. The fanatics are nothing special either. They from time to time throw people in the air with their whirlwinds but it is still tank and spank fighting. Once you've defeated these mobs go down into the arena and prepare for Osan!

Boss Two: Osan

To trigger the boss fight all you have to do is light the huge cauldron, lamp-like item in the center of the room. There will be some dialogue by Drugoth (the final boss) as Osan wakes up and slowly makes his way to the cauldron. Once Osan destroys the cauldron the fight commences! Once you defeat Osan you can go up the ramp and encounter Drugoth for the final fight.

Tier I

This fight is not overly complicated and is one long phase. The tank should grab Osan and take him  to the opposite side of where Osan walked from. This is in the space between the stairs. The beginning of the fight is the simplest: tank and spank Osan. Eventually wight adds (the same ones as seen in the Coldbear fight) will make their way into the arena so all the DPS should be killing them off quickly. Focus fire back on Osan. Fanatics and Legionnaires will make their down into the arena as well. When this happens the designated off-tank should grab threat immediately so the DPS can burn the adds down. You may have to fight two Legionnaires at once as well as the wights so the group's crowd control skills will be necessary to achieve stability. This fight is not hard but it is long; so communicate, use the right fellowship maneuvers when the group needs morale/power, and drop the adds as fast as you can.

A notable thing to watch for is a corruption that Osan applies to a random fellowship member which will kill them upon expiry. As soon as this is applied the tank should be ready to use corruption removal on the boss. If Osan resists the corruption removal someone else needs to jump in and remove it. Don't waste time in removing it. Other than that nothing that Osan does will likely kill anyone. According to Lotro-Wiki Osan gets damage buffs for every wave of adds that makes their way into the arena so the faster the fight goes the better (Lotro-Wiki, 2011).

Tier II and the Challenge Mode

The tank should grab Osan and take him  to the opposite side of where Osan walked from; this is the space between the stairs. The DPS should refrain from doing high outputs of damage to Osan throughout the fight if you plan on doing the challenge. The challenge consists of having to kill Osan's four Lieutenants that eventually show themselves over the course of the fight.  You will not be able to finish the challenge if the DPS goes to town on Osan. This is a long drawn out fight that requires communication and patience. Wights will present themselves first so the DPS should track them down and kill them as fast as possible. Eventually you will start seeing Legionnaires and Fanatics. When this happens the off-tank needs to grab threat while the rest of the DPS burns them down as fast as possible. If at some point you face more than one of these mobs at once it is extremely important that crowd control measures are used on the bigger mobs not being attacked. You want the healer using the least amount of power as possible. After you defeat these adds the first Lieutenant will appear (this will be announced by text on your screen). Off-tank and spank the Lieutenant until dead. The DPS should now be throwing a small amount of DPS on Osan. Repeat this until you have defeated the fourth Lieutenant. Once he has fallen, finish off Osan. Keep an eye on Osan's morale throughout the fight. You can refrain from hitting him at all save the tank throughout the fight but it is better to have him at low morale by the time you finish off the last Lieutenant in my opinion. The best I've had it was Osan was at 7,000 morale when we killed the fourth Lieutenant making for a real quick finish.

Notable Events: Osan applies a corruption to a random fellowship member which will kill them upon expiry. The tank should be ready to use corruption removal on the boss for when this happens. If Osan resists the corruption removal someone else needs to jump in and remove it. Don't waste time in removing it. When you kill a certain amount of adds Osan will become angry and declare that you and your fellowship members will die and will proceed to AOE. This is an extremely hard-hitting move so when you see or hear the dialogue and he raises his arms all players need to get out of range as soon as possible. Other than these things nothing that Osan does will likely kill anyone. The author behind the Lotro-Wiki guide to Tier II does note that each Lieutenant gives Osan a buff upon their death but honestly the only thing that will likely kill anyone in this fight is Osan's mean corruption and his giant AOE (Lotro-Wiki, 2011). You will run into power problems in this fight so whenever a fellowship maneuver presents itself go for what the group needs which will most likely be power. Noble Blood, Pure of Heart, and an all blue FM are the one's you will most likely use.

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