Saturday, April 23, 2011

Double XP and Study Breaks

To the delight of my brain, I had Friday and Saturday off from studying for exams. This meant some time to just do things that are not productive at all (i.e. LOTRO and the NHL Playoffs). Avoiding the blunders that are the anniversary "events" I finally finished book 3 of volume III on my hunter. This allowed for some LI improvements and gear improvements. Garadson now has over 5,300 total morale where my eventual goal is well over 6,000. His new main hand sword is coming along nicely at level 57 out of 70. My focus this weekend, however, is on my champion: Talmidim. I've already gotten him from level 41 to 44 since the double xp kicked in. This is exciting for me because I'm itching to head into Moria to try out the epic book changes and experience it from a champion's perspective! I would highly recommend dusting of those alts and send them out into Middle-Earth to give hope and relinquish fear in the hearts of the free-peoples!

So what exactly have I been working on with Talmidim? Book 5 and the Misty Mountains.  Last night I finished Book 5 in it's entirety which is nice to have that done with. I hate running through that zone for whatever reason; it's not fun at all! It's not even all that nice to look at! Something I'm really pumped about though is that before I started my leveling extravaganza I went and talked to Gimli in Rivendell about Tal's legendary trait books before heading to the Misty Mountains. This proved a great idea because at the end of Book 5 I had all four pages in each book except one. This is the fastest I've found the pages to a character's books! During this time (when I hit level 42) I finally got to put on Tal's full set of critted Elven Soldier's armour (pre-update 2 versions) which improved his stats drastically. I just need to update his jewelery and he will be geared more appropriately for his level. One thing I did notice was his virtues have fell far behind because of my high speed leveling. Now Talmidim is in Aughaire again finally working on getting his Fem set while working on Book 6. He has 7/8 pages in the Tome of Swords book with the others close behind. I'm quite pleased with his rapid progression thus far...

Drugoth the Death-Monger and Thorog in Book 5 (Click for larger view).
Right now I'm watching Ron Maclean and Don Cherry on Coach's Corner (First Period Intermission of the Montreal-Boston game) having a wonderfully lazy evening! I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and making most of your time in LOTRO!

Keep your stick on the ice,

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