Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When In Doubt . . . Skirmish!

Talmidim Elvellon and his skirmish companion
Today I was working on my champion Talmidim and I’m kind of at that point where you are stuck between zones. I just finished questing in Evendim so it was time to help some poor folks out somewhere else in Eriador. I decided to help the Earth-Kin in the Ram Duath by collecting some spider-silk and killing the typical orc; you know, the usual. After I finished those quests I just hit level 39 and with it a little dilemma showed itself. From what I remember it is a lot easier to do the Aughaire quests in your early 40’s and Forochel is also in that range along with Volume One: Book 5 and the rest of the Misty Mountains. I hate the Trollshaws quests so I dare not delve into those so I turned to a little motto of mine . . . “When in doubt, skirmish!” Because I only skirmished tonight I thought I would share some of my thoughts about why I think the skirmish system was a great addition to LOTRO. Bear in mind, I’m not particularly experienced with skirmishes and still playing around a bit with the system. It’s only been since I’ve started leveling Talmidim that I have been paying better attention to them.
'Gotta finish up those AOE class deeds!

Skirmishes in my mind are a great alternative to questing. When you hit level 20 and do the skirmish tutorial along with another skirmish you can pretty well gain a level and a half.  From levels 20 through 30 the amount of experience you earn from skirmishes definitely tops that of questing. Although you are limited to three skirmishes from level 25 to 30 (provided you are VIP) just doing the dailies every time you throw down a session can give you a considerable leveling boost. This does however bring about the problem of missing certain deeds because you are out-leveling the areas. For me though, this speed leveling is certainly worth it. If you are working on your first character however, I recommend that you spend more time questing than skirmishing just because you can do the skirmishes at whatever level you want. If you out-level an area, you totally miss some really amazing locations, cool quests, and other immersive things that skirmishes can’t provide. After level 30 you feel the experience from the skirmishes starting to decrease in relation to quest experience. I definitely spent 90 per cent of my time after level 30 questing.  Basically, from level 30 on, in my opinion, questing is definitely the way to go with skirmishing being the fallback. Later on you tend do use skirmishing for some if it’s other bonuses rather than the base experience you gain from them.
I love the purchasing power of skirmish marks
                The thing that is really great about skirmishes is that the time spent doing them can never be counter-productive. Skirmish points can buy you pretty much anything you could possibly need in LOTRO. From critical success materials to major class items (thank God!).  They help you finish slayer deeds without having to actually travel to that zone, although it may be a gradual grind to finish the deed exclusively doing it through the skirmish. You can practice rotations, threat dropping/generating, and generally get a better understanding of your class in a very controllable setting. I feel that skirmishes offer a great way to work on class traits because you fight all types of enemies in different quantities and qualities. You can throw out some pretty sick AOEs on a group of weaker mobs or work on your single-target skills like “merciful shot” (hunter) on those lieutenants because they have some more health to burn down.  At end-game, you can just farm skirmish marks for things like legendary item scrolls or class items to sell in the auction-hall. You can never go wrong doing the skirmishes whether you are doing them for in-game monetary gain, practice, or just to get you to that next level.

This is what was on my mind tonight while I was clobbering goblins in the face with Talmidim's incredibly large hammers. If you enjoyed this post or have something to add please comment below or subscribe if you want to read more from me in the future!

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  1. Hi Garrison - great post on the skirmish system. I am leveling two alts and have chosen to mainly skirmish & do the epic quests and my experience agrees with your comments. I have just started getting the 500 points for 50 lieutenant kills - nice!. Another advantage for busy parents like me is the bite size nature of skirmishes. If I have 20 mins spare I can skirmish. Skirmishing is also great for leveling your first legendary weapon, 2 skirishes takes them over level 10.

    P.S. Like your blog and will be following