Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lost Temple: Part One

Tonight I had the opportunity to run The Lost Temple with some random players from my server. I only stayed until we killed the first bosses but it was fun and not too incredibly difficult. For those who don’t know, you can find The Lost Temple north of Thorenhad which is in the Trollshaws (correct me if I’m wrong).  We had both an experienced minstrel and an experienced guardian with us so it was very smooth sailing mostly. None of us had done it before and only one fellowship member had seen a video of the instance briefly. So for the most part, we threw together strategies on the fly. I did manage to take some sub-par screenshots here and there but I forgot to take the fellowship’s names off and most of them didn’t turn out so good. I will probably upload some better screenshots in the future. Also the screenshots are on the very-low graphical setting because my computer doesn’t process group content very well.

This post will be part one of a quick-reference guide to overcoming and decimating the foes that take residence inside the temple from the perspective of a lowly hunter. I know I’m not a very experienced player as far as dungeons go but I’ll do my best to briefly explain what went on inside the instance…
Before you actually go into the instance, I recommend picking up both fear and disease pots, this is pretty much essential. As far as group make-ups go, the only class I highly recommend bringing is a lore-master; both for crowd control and being a power battery. Our group make-up was as follows: two hunters, a guardian, a lore-master, a rune-keeper, and a minstrel.  Our fellowship maneuver for the trash mobs was ‘wings of the windlord’ but we only got it off a few times. This was because I misread the fellowship maneuver assignment and kept missing my turn. Oops, sorry again guys…

The first few trash-mob fights were fairly straightforward. All we did was focus on one target and burn them down. I don’t know which fight exactly, but eventually you run across certain humanoids called Acolytes of Pestilence. These guys drop some mean diseases which increase your power costs. We chose to burn them down first and then proceed killing everyone else. Hooray Killing! After you defeat the enemies in the fight pictured above, the next fight yields an Enslaved War-Troll as well as an acolyte in addition to the mercenary looters you’ve been encountering already. Have the lore-master cast stun immunity on the tank and then proceed in administering the annihilation of the troll followed by the Acolyte of Pestilence and then the others. 

Basically, just watch for diseases and keep an eye on your raid-assists; very simple dungeon behavior. Do AOE roots as much as possible, this will help out immensely The last trash fight before the bosses just had an additional acolyte so it was nothing all that special. Burn down the troll, burn down the acolytes, and then the rest! I never timed us, but this didn’t feel like it took too long to arrive at this spot. If you stay true to your class's role, all will be well. Communicate and change fellowship maneuvers if need be.

The boss fight is pretty interesting. The two siblings, Angaidh and Sidhag block the door that leads into the depths of the temple. Therefore, they must be vanquished by your fellowship! This fight can be a little tricky but good communication, some fear pots, and prolonged dps can lead you to victory. After a few tries and a bunch of deaths later we finally worked out a strategy that worked. The tank gets their threat on Angaidh and pulls him away from his sister Sidhag. When they are in close proximity they do more damage to you so keeping them apart is crucial. The tank pulled Angaidh to the opposite side where you come through the gate. The rest of us just dealt as much damage as we could to Sidhag. The other hunter ran in strength stance so she tanked Sidhag. Sidhag is a ranged boss that throws out fears that increase your incoming shadow damage by 100%. This is bad; use your pots whenever available.  She also gives you a nasty eye-fear that does some impressive shadow damage as well. Whenever the eye pops above your character (look to your debuffs as well) run away from her until it disappears. This should happen when you are out of her range. 

The fellowship estimated that every 40,000 damage or so Andaigh drops threat and runs to his sister to heal her. It sounded like this heal could be interrupted so do that whenever possible. We decided to switch targets and focus on Andaigh for awhile to stop the healing (at least I’m pretty sure). So when we burned the brother down enough and Sidhag dropped threat we switched back to her. Keep them apart as much as possible! Once you can properly coordinate the reacquisition of the appropriate threat, the fight is not that bad. For fellowship maneuvers we went pure of heart for the first and as the fight started to drag on we started doing all blues for our drained power pools. The lore-master was constantly supplying the other hunter and me with power (more so the other hunter because she was in strength stance and I was in precision stance). This is not a quick fight so be prepared for power problems.

I hope this initial guide helps people out or sheds some light on The Lost Temple if you’ve never ran it before. If you have anything to add or clarify just add a comment below. Same thing goes if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by On Distant Shores!

Keep your stick on the ice,

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