Thursday, March 17, 2011

Questing in Enedwaith: Part One

The other night I did some of the initial quests from Echad Dagoras on my hunter but didn’t get too much done. Tonight I made it my goal to finish them and I did just that. I stormed through the valleys and rocky outcrops scouring for wildmen and those annoying shadow-wolves while also looking out for the caches of supplies that the Grey Company had left behind. Those quests did not take me very long and soon I was off to the Black Dens in a very positive attitude. I waltzed to the top of the dens and killed the elite wolf there with relative ease. I then proceeded into the cave next to the elite and was tasked with putting out a bunch of creepy looking shadow torches. I thought to myself:

“9 lanterns to extinguish you say? This will be quite a cinch!”


I think it took me over half-an-hour to complete. This was because of these factors:

  1. ·I was too stubborn to look at the cave’s map. Why? I have no clue.
  2. · I felt like I was running in circles. Mostly because I was; I came back to the entrance on multiple occasions.
  3. ·Respawning shadow-wolves. I had to kill the same ones over and over trying to find the ninth and final torch.
  4. · I had an additional quest to look for a Grey Company cache inside the dens.  I was still looking for this terribly placed cache which turned out to be pretty much in the middle of the entire network of caves ( I must of passed it a bunch of times before I found it) even after I extinguished all the torches! Stupid rangers . . .
  5. · 20k morale elite shadow wolves! Immune to bard's arrow and they always found me while I was fighting other shadow-wolves, all I could do was run away... (at least you could run away from them easily)

And rejoicing resounded throughout Middle-Earth
I was not a happy camper by the time I found that ranger cache. I even used my desperate flight skill just to leave the caves.  I blame tonight’s stupidity on me being tired/playing so late at night and not because I’m actually a terrible strategist or cave-explorer (but I’ll let you be the judge of that). So in conclusion, find a buddy or a random person AND THEN go in the black dens, it will make your life a little less depressing. However, it’s definitely soloable and if I can do it I bet you can too!

I've now moved Garadson to the next hub of quests in Echad Saeradan where I’m sure more embarrassing adventures will ensue. If you enjoyed this post or want to read more of my misadventures in the future you can subscribe to my feed in the column to the right or comment below the post!

And now... Part Two

Keep your stick on the ice,


  1. Oh I am not a fan of the torch quest! Those elite shadow wargs gang up on you so fast it's crazy.

    I'm glad they read your mail on the podcast tonight. Enjoying your perspective and looking forward to reading more. :)

  2. This post is a bit old now, but just found your blog (via CSTM!). you'll be wanting to develop a strategy for this quest if you intend to get kin with the grey company because dousing the torches is one of four grey company repeatables, and doing it is also the easiest way to do one of their other repeatables. Few things to note:

    1) just go in a big circle to find the torches. It really shouldn't be hard to find them all if you just keep going in the same direction (subject to avoiding the eye of shadow wolves).

    2) you should never fight the "eye of the shadow" 20k wolves. You'll notice that they give off dread, if you get dread this is your cue to hit tab to find what direction they are in relative to you (there's a combat option that puts out a little pointed to your current target if you don't have that on already) and then run in the other direction. Killing them isn't that hard but will add a lot of time to the fight.

    3) Have you read the corruption on the shadow wolves? that corruption makes them pretty much the easiest mob to kill in enedwaith bc removing it increaseases your damage agains them by 20%. idk what hunters have for corruption removal, but as a LM i can do this at ranged before the fight and then it takes literally 3 skills to take them down. Piece of cake :).

  3. Thanks for the tips! Hopefully I'll have some other characters run through there someday. When I see 20k health,I just have a preset tendency to run... good to know.