Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Instances? Yes Please.

I am honestly getting anxious for the release of the Echoes of the Dead update on the 21st because I have never been at the end-game before when new content has been released. My hunter, Garadson, is silently waiting for the update to go live. Ever since I read the hunter developer diary a few weeks back I’ve shelved Garadson for the release of the new content. I figure I would wait and see what the new gear (both loot and barter) from the new instance cluster would yield me instead of grinding for items that would now be obsolete (hopefully). I am part of a large kin on the Nimrodel server called the Sons of Durin. They run everything; we have multiple raid groups and many different kin pickup-groups form for multiple instances several times a week. I assume that finding a group to run any of the new instances will be fairly easy the first couple days and I’m excited to take on the new challenges.  I’m also assuming that the general population of gamers will have not tried the new instances on the Bullroarer test server so wipes and confusing situations will present themselves because of inexperience. I plan on taking a bunch of screenshots and even maybe putting together quick-reference guides to the instances that I will be able to do when Update 2 launches. The great thing about being a hunter in instances (at least for me) is to be able to observe the fights from a distance without being to incredibly busy. Sure, we do some crowd-control every now and then and maybe some poison removal but for the most part, we plaster our foes with as many arrows as possible. So I can watch the fights and better understand the mechanics and strategies that present themselves. This is why the hunter is a great beginner class. With that all being said, I’m sure I’ll do fine in my fellowships and we will persevere to get those new loots!

As far as the new hunter updates are concerned . . . I have no idea what I’ll do as far as both skill rotations and traits are concerned. I feel that will definitely be a blog post all on its own. If you want to see those posts in the future, or just love my awesome screenshot skills (heh-heh), please feel free to subscribe to my feed or leave a comment!

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  1. I agree Hunters make a great 'screenshot' class :)