Thursday, March 24, 2011

Legendary Item Update

The new relic combination interface
Monday afternoon I had some time to log in and briefly glance over the new legendary item changes before I had to make the transition from school to work. My initial impressions are that they are incredibly awesome! Well at least more awesome than what the current relic situations and legendary items were like before Update 2. I did run an instance later that night (as seen in my previous post) but I haven't been in LOTRO since. I know theres a certain population of the LOTRO community that doesn't agree with some of the changes, but there is always going to be that disapproval. From a (mostly) casual gamer's point of view the changes are a huge help to getting those higher end relics. It doesn't seem so linear, restrictive, and random which is a big deal for me. 

The new refining feature
You actually have some pick in what you receive or you can still combine some relics to get the higher tier ones. You can choose to refine your relics into shards which can be used as currency to gain new relics, legendary item scrolls, or even unidentified third agers. This is my favorite change to the system by far! Sometimes when you refine relics you  receive item xp runes which are a nice surprise as well. This is an added bonus because item xp runes can now be used on all legendary items regardless of their level. You also can combine relics to get a desired one of the same tier. This part of the system is vital in getting the highest and most sought after relics. I haven't had a chance to look at the legacy pools and what not but it sounds mostly positive.

While I was waiting for our group to find a tank for The Lost Temple I was trying desperately to get my way through the volume 3 epics to catch up to where they've just added more. You can get a pretty cool golden armour piece as well as a level 65 second age legendary item. Hopefully sometime in the future I can post about the new book 3 content and at the same time try out some of the new hunter stuffs. I really didn't pay to much attention to the changes while I was running the instance, I just ran my rotation like normal and my DPS was still pretty good.

A crowd gathers at the legendary relic and forge masters in the 21st hall Monday afternoon

Also I apologize for those who use Google reader. On Monday I double posted the Lost Temple guide because of some issues with the blogger rich text editor and weird color problems. Sorry that you got two. This happened because once you publish an article it does not leave the RSS feed.  Anyways, thanks for stopping by On Distant Shores…

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