Monday, March 21, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

I was lucky enough to have a letter of mine that I sent to the Casual Stroll To Mordor team read in their podcast about my blog. As a result of this, I’ve had a increase in readership and for that I am grateful. I just wanted to thank Merric and Goldenstar for the exposure and advice! It is much appreciated! Also I would like to thank the wonderful people in CSTM’s live podcast chat-room the other night for their support and advice as well (especially Sidarin and Xusia).  You guys are awesome.

I didn’t spend very much time tonight in-game; instead I was just reading up on various patch notes before they go live. Of course new content comes out right when I’m about to start the busiest time of the semester at school, but that’s just how it goes I guess…  I am excited, my hunter gets some refreshing changes but I’m not really going to give my opinion on them until I actually spend time with the update. Same thing goes with the legendary item changes and the new instances. Tonight was just the calm before the storm for me. I have a busy looking week but I promise to have some posts up by Wednesday on the new legendary item changes and the hunter changes.

However, tonight I did work on leveling Talmidim and so that time was spent in Angmar and the Misty Mountains. He was at level 40 when I started the evening and by the end he fell short of level 41 by one xp bar. Not the most productive evening I’ve had in LOTRO and I think it was because I was doing quests that were 2 -3 levels higher than Talmidim's. The wargs in Fasach-Larran were tough to take two on at a time so I had to kill each individually, same with the bears and assorted beasts in the Misty Mountains.  I only managed to do a couple of the quests from Aughaire before I realized I needed to go somewhere else that was more viable to quest in. The Misty Mountains didn’t prove a whole lot better but I did a few quests there anyways. As a champion I love to pull multiple mobs at the same time so I can throw out some AOEs... but that wasn't possible tonight and it was a little lame. 

With that being said, the future is bright for Talmidim! Soon I will be able to put on the level 42 critted heavy armour set that I bought in the auction hall for a decent price and head to Forochel to get him to 45. From there I will take him to the walls of moria to visit the Hollin Gate and introduce him to the Watcher (heh-heh). Who knows what I'll do after I get that done. It is all dependent on how much time I actually spend on Garadson in the new content. Hopefully the new instances are incredibly fun and they will be rewarding to run over and over again. If not, Talmidim's hammers will be ready for some more beast clobbering.

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Keep your stick on the ice,

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