Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Glacier Fortress of Sari-Surma: Part One


So I have finally caught up with my university stuff enough to write this post. This instance is a whole lot of fun and has some interesting boss fights and other mechanics that I quite enjoy. If you have not yet done this dungeon or are still relatively new to it I suggest you read on!

The post you are now reading is part one of a three part "guide" to overcoming the enemies you encounter in the fortress. Now, I have  finished the entire instance on Tier I difficulty and have done up to the second boss  on Tier II difficulty (because of time constraints) so  before I write the third part of this guide  I will  have to run it again on Tier 2 just to get a first hand account of the last boss.

For those of you who still haven't discovered the instance's entrance, you can find it by heading to Suri-Kyla in Forochel. From there you go up to the shores of the icy waters and find a Lossoth man just chilling (hehe) by a mustering horn, campfire, and a boat. Use the boat to travel to the instance entrance!

What I Recommend To Bring
  • Wound pots for sure, lots of nasty wounds are acquired in this instance.
  • Some form of crowd-control.
  • A class capable of off-tanking. This, in my opinion, is really important for the Tier II Osan fight.
  • Other than the things above, bring a good amount of consumables along..... like usual.

The Road to Coldbear
The first section of the fortress is extremely straightforward and to be honest so is the rest of the instance (except the boss fights). The first mobs you encounter are frost grims. They are nothing special, just watch for wounds and threat because they do hit fairly hard. Eventually you will run into wights that thaw from their ice-state (I'm pretty sure you run into these more often in Tier II). They don't have very much health and they do go down easy. I know they give you a nasty debuff but I couldn't remember the details so I went to Lotro-Wiki to make sure I gave you the information. According to the author who wrote the article the wights give you the debuff "Covered in Wight Parts." This debuff does stack and "[e]ach stack increases melee damage by 200% but reduces ranged and tactical dps (and healing) to 0%. This effect lasts 20 seconds and explodes upon expiration, causing heavy, non-removable wounds on Fellows within 10m." (Lotro-Wiki, March 2011). What you encounter next, and several times after, are bear-wights; they are in threes: the mother and the two cubs. It is important to take down the mother bear (Snowbear-Wight Matron) first because if you don't she becomes enraged and will do significantly more damage if one of her cubs get slaughtered by your fellowship members. Immediately after you kill the matron, she actually sheds here cuddly, furry, body and becomes a spirit. Avoid hitting her spirit because if you do, you will have to fight the spirit. It is not a terrible situation, but its basically doing the fight twice over which wastes time. A few of these bear-wight fights later (and some wights) you will arrive at Coldbear's residence...

Boss One: Coldbear the Wight

This boss is my favorite so far in the new content. He isn't overly difficult but he still does some nasty things. Pay attention to whats going on as well as communicate with your fellowship and it won't be all that bad. This fight has three phases in Tier II and two phases in Tier I. Note: At any time your group feels it cannot beat the fight because someone has died or some other problem has come up, you can reset the boss fight by  having everybody head to the gate you came through.

The Bear Phase: After Coldbear does some whining about how you woke him up from his beauty sleep the fight commences. The tank should grab the boss like normal and then everyone else just needs to start pouring out some hurt on the boss. However, I recommend that the ranged dps spreads out from each other while still staying within healing range. Coldbear uses a shield from time to time that reflects your damage back to you. You can tell when he does this by the red aura that emanates from his body.What I do when this happens is press 'F1' which targets yourself leaving no way you can accidentally attack him. After the shield expires, proceed administering some more pain.

In Tier I he will drop a damage over time on someone that does a decent amount of damage every pulse and when it expires it will spread to any fellowship members that are nearby. You cannot use a pot on this DoT so it is important to call out who has it so they can move away from the rest of the group. You can tell you have received this DoT when there is a bunch of blue icicles at your feet. 

The main difference between the Tier I and Tier II difficulty at this point in time is that in Tier II, Coldbear throws some extra debuffs out there like a severe movement speed debuff (-75%) and and a debuff that takes away all of the victim's block, parry, and evade stats. (Lotro-Wiki, March 2011) He also drops a wound that does damage over time (I can't remember if this is in Tier I)  that you can use a wound pot on.

The Second Bear Phase (Tier II Only): Once you burn Coldbear down to roughly half of his health, he will whine briefly (his morale goes green at this point) and then will start fighting again. He now drops a very nasty and painful DoT that does a large amount of damage per pulse (cannot be cured).  You can tell you have received this DoT when there is a bunch of blue icicles at your feet. As soon as someone gets this DoT let the healer know! The victim needs to distance himself/herself from everyone else because the it can spread upon expiry. The healer will need to focus on keeping the victim alive through this DoT. From what I've heard, Runekeepers can use 'do not fall to frost' on this DoT. Also, the victim being healed should help out by using a morale pot or a self-heal if they can. You also have to deal with the damage-reflect shield until you down this phase. 

The Ghost-Bear Phase: After you kill Coldbear for the first time his spirit now takes his place. Coldbear no longer uses his damage-reflect shield at this point but does some other interesting things. He will randomly sap someone's power and stun people close to him. In the corners of the room there is wights frozen in their icicles. In this phase if you get to close to them they will break out and start attacking. You can avoid all of the wights if no one goes near them. Pay attention, do your job, and communicate.... you will conquer.

Leave a comment if you feel I missed something or if you found the post helpful.
Keep your stick on the ice,

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